Steel Railings in Vaughan, ON

Steel railing

Adding a steel railing to a set of stairs in your home or a balcony off the side of your restaurant will increase more than the safety of your home or business. With our custom metalwork and boundless creativity, you can have interior and exterior steel railings in Vaughan that will improve your curb appeal and property value as well.

Economy Railings Steel Fabricators is a family owned business offering welding, custom metalwork and more to the Greater Toronto Area. Serving both commercial and residential clients, you can rely on us for generations of experience with custom design and skilled craftsmanship.

Interior & Exterior Steel Railings in Vaughan

Steel is a very versatile material that can be used in various applications. Steel railings are equally as versatile. We can create interior and exterior steel railings in a variety of styles for you. Whether you want a stylish railing leading up the grand staircase inside your home or you want a more modern railing lining a balcony outside, our team is ready to design and fabricate your vision.

Our indoor and outdoor steel railings can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Gates
  • Fences
  • Window grilles
  • Balconies
  • Steel canopies 
  • And more

We offer our skill to create a wide range of ornamental accessories that perfectly complete the interior and exterior of your home or business.

Benefits of Steel Railings in Vaughan, ON

There are many design elements you can add to your home or business, and there are even many materials to make railings from. However, steel railings are one of the best and most versatile products you can choose. Steel railings are one of your best options because they are:

Durable: Steel railings can withstand harsh weather conditions due to their heavy and robust construction. Steel is a long-lasting material because of the way it’s fabricated.

Cost-efficient: With our metalwork services you’ll be able to customize your railings at an affordable price. Additionally, there is little maintenance required so there are few long term costs when compared to other materials.

Appealing: With intricate designs available, steel railings can enhance the beauty and esthetic appeal of your home or business. When designed properly, these railings can be made to perfectly match your existing décor.

Steel railings are not only sturdy and long-lasting; they are clean, modern and elegant. Thus, no matter what your esthetic goals are, we can create a steel railing that meets your needs.

Rely on Us for Fine Custom Metalwork in Vaughan & Area

If you want to add structurally sound and esthetically pleasing elements to your home or business at an affordable price, rely on us for fine custom metalwork. For Vaughan and the surrounding areas we are able to design, create and install elegant and durable steel railings, spiral staircases, handicap ramps and much more.

We offer routine repairs for all of your metalwork, and we also offer mobile welding services for our clients who need repairs done quickly. Contact us for an estimate or to learn more about how we can help you.

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