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Iron Gates in Vaughan, ON

At Economy Railings Steel Fabricators, we help clients enhance their commercial and residential properties with our custom iron gates in Vaughan. We specialize in designing, fabricating, installing and repairing iron gates for optimal security solutions. With our years of experience, we can craft iron gates that are the perfect combination of security, beauty and durability. They will add functionality and beauty to any home or commercial property.

Iron has been popular for gates and fences for a long time. We can create elegant and sturdy gates that can fit any property's style.

We can create customized iron gates for commercial and residential clients in Vaughan. If you're interested in iron gates with a personal touch, contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can also provide welding services.

Our Iron Gate Project

Our iron gates in Vaughan are incredibly versatile. You can use them for various indoor and outdoor applications, such as:

  • Indoor uses: Many people don’t think of using iron gates inside their homes or businesses. However, when properly manufactured, an iron gate in your Vaughan home or business can be a perfect addition to any room. Use iron gates to separate the dining rooms of your restaurant or to add a breezy doorway in your home. Our skilled team can expertly craft beautiful iron gates in a wide range of designs with intricate details and beautiful accents. Because customer satisfaction is always our highest priority, we take your feedback and create just what you’re looking for.

  • Outdoor uses: The best way to showcase your perfectly manicured lawn is with an iron gate. Vaughan homes and businesses benefit from iron gates with more curb appeal and higher resale values for their properties. Iron gates are a great addition to any outdoor landscape because of their durability. With low levels of carbon, iron is strong and malleable—perfect for creating long-lasting gates for your walkway or balcony. Generally composed of several different parts—the vertical spires, the horizontal members and the finial spear tips—iron gates have a distinct look that will set your home or business apart from those around you.

The Benefits of Iron Doors

Iron doors offer a unique beauty and charm that adds immense value to any property.

  • Customizability: You can choose the features that match your taste while improving your comfort and security. 

  • Security: Iron doors provide ample protection. In rough weather conditions, they will shield your building from flying debris. They can also withstand extreme pressure and are fire-resistant. 

  • Ease of maintenance: There is no need for painting, fixing stains and other complicated maintenance tasks. Custom iron doors do not give in to rust easily. You can make your iron doors last years with the proper care. 

  • Elegance: The timeless elegance of an iron gate can make your commercial or residential property stand out. It can leave a positive impression on your guests and visitors. These doors can appear polished and elegant for years. 

  • Value: Whether you plan to sell your property in the future or not, a new iron door will significantly drive up its value.

If you'd like to know more about iron doors, get in touch with us. We can also outfit your property with sturdy steel stairs.

Comprehensive Service & Personal Attention

We are a full-service company that takes care of every detail, from design to installation to repairs. Whether you choose us to design a double iron gate or French iron gates, we will provide you with a high-quality product.

Do you want to add a personal touch to your iron gate? Our expert craftsmen have the skills to add personalized details that make your iron gate stand out.

With over 45 years in the business and many satisfied clients, you can rely on our iron gates and doors. We handcraft each product with an expert eye for detail, using the best materials.

Get in Touch

Iron has stood the test of time as one of the most durable and beautiful metals that can be used for multiple purposes. We use iron to create long-lasting, intricate gates, railings and more that are a perfect addition to any home or business.

With more than 45 years of experience in the fabrication business, our team designs, fabricates, installs and repairs a wide range of metal products for use indoors and outdoors. We have the skills and experience to create a new iron gate for your Vaughan home or a railing for your apartment building’s fire escape.


Wide Range of Interior and Exterior Iron Gates in Vaughan

We have a wide range of both interior and exterior iron gate designs for you to choose from. Contact us for custom interior and exterior iron gates in Vaughan and surrounding areas.

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