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Well-Constructed Fire Escapes in Vaughan

A fire escape is an essential feature to have in buildings, especially in cities. Fire escapes offer assurance and extra levels of safety to anyone living or working in the building by providing a safe exit in case of emergencies. With such an important job, fire escapes need to be designed, manufactured, installed and maintained flawlessly to ensure that your family or employees are safe.

Economy Railings Steel Fabricators has over 45 years of experience manufacturing and installing fire escapes in Vaughan and the surrounding areas. We can fit your building with a new fire escape and also make repairs to existing units.

Is Your Fire Escape Up To Code?

According to the City of Vaughan By-Law, which describes the standards for maintenance and occupancy for all properties within the city of Vaughan, fire escapes must be constructed in a good “workmanlike manner” that ensures that they are securely fixed to the building. Similarly, the Fire Code for Ontario states that fire escapes must be maintained, in good repair, operational and kept free of snow and ice accumulations. 

To meet these standards and ensure that your commercial building is safe for occupants and employees alike, you need a reliable manufacturer to create, install and maintain your fire escape. Economy Railings Steel Fabricators designs and builds durable, well-constructed fire escapes that will suit your needs and meet government standards.

Providing Safe and Reliable Fire Escapes for Vaughan and the GTA

Our fabrication company can provide safe and reliable fire escapes for Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area because we have generations of experience. Our fabrication process utilizes techniques that ensure your fire escape will be securely fixed to your building. We also comply with the most recent coding guidelines from the government.

On top of fabrication and installation, we also offer repair and maintenance services. We can inspect your existing fire escapes and verify what needs to be repaired or replaced, and then we perform those services for you.

Contact Us Today

We also provide iron gates and steel railings for residential and commercial properties. For more information on fire escapes in Vaughan, contact us today. Visit our store now or write to us at You can write to us at with you inquires. 

Sturdy Fire Escape  

If you’re looking to install a fire escape for your building, contact us today. We haver over 45 years of experience.  

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